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Have you ever been disappointed by the lack of females in your favorite movies? Do you love superhero films but hate that there is only one woman saving the world? At Feminist Flicks, we do feminist movie reviews so you never have to sit through a misogynistic movie ever again.

What makes a feminist movie?

The most important step to being a feminist movie is treating women as complex characters with stories worth telling. Not every female has to be kicking ass and taking names, but they have to go beyond being eye candy for the male audience. To assist us in seeing if a movie is telling stories about woman in a meaningful and truthful way, there are a few litmus tests.

The first and most popular test is the Bechdel Test. The Bechdel test was first made popular in the 80s by Alison Bechdel. To pass the test, a movie must have at least two named female characters, who have a conversation with each other about something other than a man. Pretty low bar, right? Unfortunately, a shocking number of movies don't pass this test.

The second test, that we will be using for all of our feminist reviews is the Mako Mori Test, which came to be because of Pacific Rim. This test works best in conjuction with the Bechdel Test as it's requirements are that there be at least one female character with a narrative arc that is not about supporting a man's story.

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